Laptop Philharmonic

Cover art for my new Piano Sonata EP

Charity piano sonata EP

I wrote a piano sonata! As ever you can listen for free if you want, but any profit I make on this is going to the British Red Cross.

If you want to donate, buy it on bandcamp.

Two Monologues

Two Monologues, my latest album, was released in January 2019 and is still totally worth a listen. Find it on Bandcamp.

If Bandcamp isn't your thing, you can find my music on these (and many other) services:

Who is this "Laptop Philharmonic" anyway?

He's a man with a laptop, some decade-old production software, a microphone covered with a sock and a can-do attitude. A producer of the finest quality piano-led progressive electronica.

In 2013 he had a brain tumour removed, which he released an album about in 2016. That was Craniotomy. More recently he released Two Monologues, which he hasn't explained the meaning of.